2021 YLG Executive Committee Application
Thank you for your interest in getting involved with the YLG Executive Committee. The YLG values diversity in its leadership and seeks to achieve a well-balanced group for its Executive Committee. Please submit this application by June 24, 2021 in order to be considered.

*A ULI membership is not required to apply. However, once you are selected, you will need to secure your spot by becoming a member and paying the membership fee.
ULI member info here
** Public Sector members receive additional benefits and discounts.
*** ULI is a DEI ally and supports membership to increase diversity though scholarship arrangements. Please inquire once selected.  

The Young Leaders Group Executive Committee was created to help promote YLG involvement through leadership development and stewardship of ULI. The Executive Committee is made up of several subcommittees and YLG Representatives to the District Council’s Local Product Councils and Affinity Groups. Through monthly meetings, members exchange ideas and shape the direction and programming for the Young Leaders Group. Executive Committee members are also able to hone skills that help with advancement in their place of business and within the ULI District Council.

Below is the list of ULI Orange County/Inland Empire’s YLG Executive Committee Positions:
Link to role descriptions

     •    Chair
     •    Assistant Vice Chair
     •    Local Product Council Representative or Affinity Group representative (Capital Markets, Housing – For Sale, Multi-Housing – For Rent, Office & Commercial, WLI)
     •    YLG Programming
     •    Technical Assistance Panel
     •    Special Projects/Member At Large (YLG Conference, Hines Competition, etc.)

YLG members who are a part of the Executive Committee are seen as leaders within our District Council and the national organization as a whole. As such, certain responsibilities and expectations are in place ensure respect and understanding for the organization, the position, and the involvement of other YLG Executive Committee members.

     •    Leaders shall review the ULI mission statement, YLG mission statement, and Code of Ethics. Leaders will understand that they are to uphold these values as a member of the organization.
     •    Leaders shall be expected to attend monthly Executive Committee meetings, held the one Friday of the month at a local office. Exact date to be determined by YLG Chair. *Excused absences are only permitted for illness or pre-planned travel. Leadership roles will be reviewed after (2) two unexcused absences.
     •    Leaders shall attend the leadership retreat held during the summer.*
     •    Leaders shall commit to, at a minimum, serving (1) one year in their position. Leaders will be asked to sign a contract acknowledging their commitment to the position and volunteer time required to hold the position.

*In person meetings and retreats will take place virtually when necessary.

Please complete the below form to apply for a position on a the YLG Executive Committee for a one-year term concurrent with ULI’s 2022 fiscal year (July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022). 

The selection of the Executive Committee will be selected based on application and points system awarded for quality of response and demonstration of ULI Mission in previous experience, if applying for leadership role versus committee representative. The YLG Governance committee, comprised of senior leadership, will conduct a blind review of applications along with points awarded by recommendation from District Council Leadership and Staff to weight application score. Once chosen, the YLG Chair and Vice Chair will work with the YLG Advisory Board to select the rest of the Executive Committee. Members will be notified by June 18th regarding positions.

Submission of an application is NOT a guarantee that you will be accepted to the YLG Executive Committee or that your choice(s) will be available.